Solar lights brief


                                                                                      SWL-11 Solar Wall Light 1000 Lumens

          SWL-11 solar wall light is of light body , good lumen ,max is 1000 lumens . We made this for Amazon ,online shop , any customers can use it to expand market . 


          Technology :           

          ALS (adaptive lighting system):When our soalr lights meet bad weather lack of enough sun charge,the system will do

smart timely calculation for the remaining battery capacity and give max output efficiency use for long

lighting time.

          Our average beam angle is 122.4°, Lumen is 1000 equal 10W . 


         1. Only green indicator,                                                      

     Lighting Module:


          M1: Flash the light once;

          M2: Flash the light twice;

          M3: Flash the light three time

         Lighting Module :



         20lm till sunrise



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In 2008, Hangchi-- a high-end solar lighting brand, established in Shenzhen.

Since its establishment, Hangchi has always obeyed its mission---"providing the best solar energy products for human" . It is the forerunner of the current black technology research and development in the industry.

Hangchi has invented 29 utility model patents, 45 product design patents and 4 invention patents (including one PCT international invention). The most representative patents are ALS (Weather Adaptive System), FAS (Falseness  Automatic system) and TCS (Temperature Control System).

Hangchi has always spared no effort to solve the solar lighting's ultra-high brightness and long-lasting lighting time. Today's Hangchi, who with nearly 20,000 square meters well-equipped factory continues to shine in the new energy field. The excellent lighting designers and engineers are inheriting Hangchi's corporate mission.

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